Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Dave Webster/TargetCancer Community for a Cure

This past weekend in Saugus, MA the community came together for the Dave Webster/TargetCancer Community for a Cure event. The event was created in memory of Dave Webster, Kevin Reid and David Taylor. They were all young men from Saugus, MA who died from bile duct cancer. The event raised money and awareness for rare cancer research. TargetCancer, Inc. focuses on funding and research for rare and lesser known cancers.

The event was spread out over an entire week, and had three big activities to help support and raise funds for cancer research.

September 8, 2012: A fund raising booth at Saugus Founders Day.
September 14, 2012: A Pasta Supper held at the First Congregational Church. Everyone that attended and volunteered at the supper had a great time! The event completely sold out!
September 15, 2012: Community for a Cure Walk that began at the First Congregational Church in Saugus Center. Over 400 people registered! Following the walk there was a festival filled with food, music and fun. The day was a great success and raised over 10K for rare cancer research.

These three events show how much people can do when they come together for an important cause. The event raised 10K, and showed tremendous support for the Saugus community, the victims’ families and TargetCancer.